I’m a gay woman. I am a lesbian. I just happen to like sex with men as well. I don’t think I should have found this out until now had all been right with the world.

I keep singing that damn Madonna song.

I am a lesbian, I want a WOMAN. It just happens that the closest thing to a woman who’s interested me I’ve met in months is in actual fact a man.

My sexuality is laughing at me.

10 thoughts on “Lesbianism

  1. Why the hang up over labels?

    To be honest, I laughed very hard when I read this entry, after all you’ve two boyfriends whom you love and a male lover you gush over… it’s hard to see the lesbian. You’ve had more cock of greater variety than me!

    If you ask me, you’re bisexual verging on straight, but then what would I know?

  2. I don’t know to be honest. I just know that some days my headspace screams ‘go find a woman’ at me. The labels I feel most comfortable using are ‘dyke’ and ‘lesbian’.

    I would also like to point out that I have had more girls than you too.

    I am hung up on labels and on using shorthand, but somedays my sexuality feels so repressed I need to scream out a label until I’m red in the face and my voice is hoarse.

    I guess yeah, in technical terms then I am bisexual, but it’s the ‘verging on straight’ part that has me screaming ‘I’m a DYKE!’ I am finding it quite weird after two years where chatting up women was easier than men to almost be re-exploring that part of my sexual identity. My reaction is to go and dive into the lesbian because I don’t deny any part of my sexuality, I come as a whole package. Maybe three men is too much for a bisexual woman to be comfortable with when I have no female lover, I’m feeling repressed I suspect and this post was, in part, a reaction to that.

  3. Does look like an "I AM WOMAN!!! GIVE ME MUFF!!!" reactionary post. Sorry I laughed, but… well yeah, it was kind of strange to see.

    I’m sure you’ve had more girls than most people reading this, never mind just me 😛

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