Mish Needs A Garden

So My Gentleman Friend came up with a great description of me and my friends and lovers. He described it as a garden of lovers. I love that description, it makes me think of Alice in Through The Looking Glass walking through the garden of gorgeous talking flowers. I walk through this beautiful place and I meet the most fantastic people, the most amazing conversations/interactions occur and then I keep walking. I’m oddly struck now with the image of what sort of flower Skimble would be, something rambling with thorns and very sturdy branches…

Mind you, I’m not sure I like the notion that I’m pruning or planting, or something. That would indicate some sort of responsibility on my part… althought I can see FFG and Princess Lex possibly agreeing to that. Maybe. Not sure.

Cornish Bloke brought to my attention today that people have been concerned at my latest dips and trips in the wonderful world of the Mish psyche. Well, I don’t have a job (other than the cleaning) and I’m still working out how the whole two relationships works in the same town as opposed to six thousand miles away. The thing is that I am with two men I am in love with and making this work whilst remaining true to ourselves takes some efforts, I’m sorry if I’ve worried anyone out there. I’m a Mish and very Mishy at the moment, and this isn’t likely to change any time soon.

Lets walk in this garden a while and smell the fabulous roses. Apparently there are all sorts of Cabbalistic interpretations and Crowleyian shades to this garden description. I’m going to go and enjoy laying on the heather for a while and just breathing.

Mishy, Mishy,
Not too squishy,
How does your garden grow?
With slightly odd girls, and gaming geeks,
And pipe-wielding boys all in a row.

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  1. I’ve just been rather amused to discover that Crowley received the relevant vision on my birthday (or the day that would later become my birthday!), in 1909. I’ll try to remember to read it to you sometime over the weekend.

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