I don’t do enough of them lately, therefore I go into overactive and completely hyper mode. Also I was horny, this explains why everybody knows what my breasts look like (no, really, I didn’t turn into my sister). I do find that the tireder I am the moreso I get. Actually apart from snogging FoxyJonno for far far too long (unless I was actually fifteen) in the kitchen I don’t think I behaved badly at all. Plus I got to see the Blue Cat and organise a clothing date with her, but I didn’t see Byron at all who I actually went to the party to see. I do hope that I get to see her sometime soon!

Maybe my tarot reading was actually helpful to Cthulhu and the Tribal Spirit – I don’t know, they said it did. Also my Ex-Warder and I got to swap blow-job stories which was hellishly amusing.

No do excuse me, I’m horny as all fuck and theres a Jellicle Cat in my bed.

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