Waaaaah! I miss Skimble and Japan!

Ok, quite how hormonal I obviously am at the moment was brought home to me today, so apologies to FoxyJonno, Mother-In-Law, My Gentleman Friend, Rabbit Girl and anyone else who has had to pur up with me today.

So anyone seeing me in town tonight may have noted me sobbing slightly… well more than slightly to be honest. My Gentleman Friend took me to Miyabi tonight, and the chef asked why we were there and when I said that it was because I missed living in Japan he started talking to me in Japanese… it was only simple stuff like ‘o namae wa desu ka?’ and ‘ o shigoto wa desu ka?’ but I answered in Japanese. It felt so good. It felt like once we’d finished the meal that me and my Gentleman Friend would step out into warm darkness and walk home along the main road and the tiny sakura path.

The sakura is coming out about now and I want to make onigiri (rice balls) and go on a picnic under the trees, I’m halfway tempted to get FoxyJonno and Princess Lex to come out to the Ashton with the Jellicle and I since they let me make Japanese food for them last week.

The thing is I miss Skimble as well as the entirity of Japan. I miss hanging out with her and enjoying films together and my birthday trip to Okinawa where she thought it was cold and I thought it was bizarrely warm.

The chef from Miyabi took my keitai number and we’re texting each other in that weird Engrish mix of Nihongo and English – I admit that having Lexie and Foxy answer the phone with ‘Moshi moshi’ is cool but I miss talking in Nihongo properly not my random ‘kawaii desu ne!’ interjections which make me sound like some sort of anime freak.

6000 miles is too far. I miss Skimble so very much. Even when she goes home its going to be to the States rather than the UK. I guess its like me missing American Beardy. But somehow Yule cards etc. just… oh I’m full of fucking hormones. Everything at the moment is either AMAZING or TERRIBLE, I can’t process anything properly.

The thing is I had sort of rationalised why I missed Japan. I miss having a job and having my own place (gods I miss my flat – even the kitchen with its one working gas ring). But I miss everything I miss the Jedi master, I miss the Bitch, I miss my headmaster, I miss Mixed Bag… especially, especially I miss Skimble. I miss going to the cinema together and I miss driving in her car. I miss playing Pirates of the Carribean as we look at the Mountains around the Fuji-go-ko… the chef tonight explained how Japan has FOUR SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS THAT!

I’m crying a lot this evening. I’ve been crying on and off since the chef switched into Japanese-for-the-ALT… Christ I even shouted ‘sumimasen’ across the bloody restaurant instead of catching the waitress’s eye.

Oh gods I wish I was in Yamanashi.

Sorry everyone, way too many hormones for the Mish today. Shutting down.

2 thoughts on “Waaaaah! I miss Skimble and Japan!

  1. ‘Get’? You don’t have to force us 🙂 We already said we’d love to go with you! ISTR you made mention of it at dinner.

    And I’m sure I had the dodgy hormone conversation with you too. I’m sorry yours are so weird right now. *hug*

  2. Aww honey I’m so glad you called me. I’d try to call you…but you never gave me a number!

    Next time we talk I’ll thrown in Japanese for you. I miss driving with you in my car too. You enjoyed riding as much as I enjoyed driving and that was just awesome. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit you sometime! I’m only 25, we got years ahead of us to plan a kick ass vacation!

    Luv ya chica! You totally brightened up my dull, boring as hell day.

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