Had another day of work today. This time I taught art! (And Physics…) Actually I ended up giving an impromptu lesson to Year Sevens on how the Australian Aborigines viewed the soul…and taking them on a brief visualisation quest to find their fetch (ok so that bit wasn’t entirely Australian but it worked…) So I was handed a worksheet which was really boring and made some stuff up about how the kids had to draw their spirit inside their hands (rather than just do any old design). So they found their fetches and drew them in Aboriginal style.

Then I got to get Year Nines to design their own shamanic journey masks… it started out African and then ended up being distinctly in the realm of Chaos Magic. I got told that they’d studied Ceremonial African shamanic/death masks and that they were to design their own with symbols that meant something to them. So we started out talking about Shamanic journeys to other worlds, then I pulled out the book on European Shamanism that I had in my bag and then we talked about whether getting drunk and seeing stuff counted as a shamanic journey…. I could so hear the Cornish Bloke in my head!

Then they designed these masks…they were FANTASTIC! Lots of oak leaves and snakes and designer labels and the river from EastEnders. It was great listening to them and their ideas. Freestyle shamanism rocks!

Later on today I found out about the Depression of one of my friends. It threw into sharp relief how big a part of my life I allow my ’emoness’ to have. It doesn’t deserve that, I don’t need it to become so big in my head out of the sheer fear that it will somehow become melancholy. It’s selfish and pointless. Real sadness, yeah that deserves a place, being crap doesn’t.

I’ve had a good day, so heres a toast to everyone who hasn’t, all my good-day vibes heading out in your direction.

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