Grail Quester Notice

In what may be related or unrelated I have been invited to explore Elfhame (by a hawk, a stoat and a pig).

Last night I dreamt of the Wounded King. This is delving far more into the Christian version of things that I was expecting but wisdom was given me and it was very important, something to do with the spear in his thigh, unfortunately I woke up and wisdom got stripped as I woke up more and more.

I know one of the questers is seeking the Salmon of Wisdom. We have yet to find the Viking’s dream landscape and I think we may well find a castle there, whether this landscape is indeed in the Lakes or in Elfhame I don’t know but I have an idea that when we find it in this world I want to visit it and from there go to another.

7 thoughts on “Grail Quester Notice

  1. I’m sure if I was properly Heathen the E and A would move around and I’d add an I. But I’m not and thats the way the word appeared in my head.

  2. D’oh!

    The vision was a real place, I’m certain of that. There might be parallels in alfheim but I know in my gut that where I saw was a real place.

  3. Alfheim is the original Old Norse, but Elfhame and Elphame are direct descendents of that found in northern English ballads, and just as ‘accurate’ from a heathen perspective. Modern English sometimes renders it Elfland.

  4. Yes I think it is too, but when I get there I’m going to go to Elfhame directly.

    Incidentally I believe that the Magician suggested Pendragon Castle as a possible place?

  5. Go where feels right, that might just have been something for my own amusement/guidance that I misinterpreted as something for you ‘orrible lot 🙂

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