Will blog properly at some point.

Just looking forward to the quest to Carnforth on Saturday (Refreshment Room at Carnforth at 2pm on Saturday for tea and Grail questing – well ok, for those of us coming by rail that’ll be ten past two since the 14:05 from Lancaster gets us in at 14:12 at Carnforth).

Today has been a day of emotional extremes, I suspect I’m tired from the travelling. One thing I really like about travelling (apart from being able to read and read and read) is the amount of time you get to spend inside your own head. I mean you do when you’re writing as well but that, for me tends to be inside the heads of my characters as well and they are often rather tiring.


Much love to everyone.

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  1. Hopefully you’ll have some notes and doodles from one source or another for the meeting, it’s a shame I can’t make it.

    I deliberately left space on each page for notes *hint* *hint*

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