On Being Kidnapped

Hmm so one of the most romantic moments of my life was being held at pistol point whereas one of the most erotic involved someone coming up behind me with a collar, putting it on and dragging me off. Is it really any wonder that this sounds like an amazing idea?

Fake Kidnapping. I mean paying to be kidnapped is I suppose a bit too ‘plastic S&M’ for me really, especially with all the talk of dungeons and fetishes etc. But the idea of it, so cool. The Torch and I were discussing it the other day, in her ideal kidnapping she’d have her boyfriend come and rescue her and that’d be the romantic bit… me.. nope I don’t think I’d enjoy being rescued so much.

10 thoughts on “On Being Kidnapped

  1. You kinky devil!

    You could have a lover kidnap you, then have one of your boyfriends kidnap you from that kidnapper and then the other boyfriend could kidnap you from them, it could get confusing if one of them tries to kidnap you back… but at least there is no rescue, just a never ending cycle of kinky kidnapping ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yellow Sign kidnapping contracts are available at reduced rates for established members, and extra reduced rates for refs.

    We provide a number of basic options, which can be individually tailored to your own twisted needs, drives and urges.

    You may like option 5. (Offal is included at no extra charge)


  3. It depends on the scenario, and the particular desires of the client.

    Last time we had Mish spreadeagled half-naked on the floor and covered in raspberry jam she was quite happy with the basic team!

  4. Was "the other day" a fairly long time ago cause I don’t remember speaking to you recently…

    Zoe (aka…)

  5. Actually it might have been a while ago that we had this conversation… thinking about it it might have been January… that counts as ‘the other day’ right?

  6. I could go for being kidnapped if it was the right guy and was spontaneously done. ๐Ÿ™‚ I could also go for the daring rescue if it was the right guy. Of course, I’d probably agree to just about anything with the right guy, hahaha.

    Therein lies my downfall.

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