Periods And Pills

Yeah this entry is probably TMI for most people. There may well be graphic details.

So, I love my pill, I really do. I never realised quite how weird it seems to be that it makes me horny rather than totally kills my sex drive. Then I started talking to other girls. However, it seems like recently it might be making me utterly bizarro during my period. I mean, I’m always fairly weird during my period, I come out with the wierdest things (no really my mouth just opens – I mean more than normal, and with freakier things… the offal is a case in point… gods the offal is a case in point) but they are usually kinda of sex oriented or… well hormonally freaky.

Anyway, for the past few months I’ve been emotionally wierd. I mean crying all over the place and really, really snappy. That isn’t usual for me. It is true that maybe it could just be the stress of being effectively jobless getting to me on my period especially. But then this month it looks like I’ve got physical signs. My period should have finished. In fact it seemed to have. Twice so far. Thats two pairs of knickers I’ve ruined so far. I’m back taking my pill (I take it three weeks of the month and then have a week off)

So the doctor is of the opinion that it might be a one off, gods I hope so. But I really don’t want to change my pill, hearing all the hell stories of pills really makes me concerned. I don’t want to be bothered with contraception hell at the moment. I am beginning to come to the conclusion though that I might have to.

Still, I suppose it is true that I do at least know I’m not pregnant. This doesn’t make me feel much better. At all.

7 thoughts on “Periods And Pills

  1. That happened to me a few times when I was stressed beyond all hell this time last year. Given like you said your own stress levels are through the roof what with being jobless and still finding your feet with things, it might just be that this is your body’s physical way of reacting.

    Don’t worry too much – but try and set some time aside for managing to physically and mentally unwind during the last few days of taking your pill. I always found that that helped me.

  2. The stress sound very plausible to me as well, my body always finds ways to tell me about stress. Though I tend to get ill when I relax after stress.

    Stress does however affect natural hormone levels, so in combination with taking pills it could affect things. As does diet…

    Need a hug? It might not make it go away, but it could make you feel better.

  3. Thanks guys. I guess I’m so used to my body just taking anything I throw at it that the idea it could actually be reacting to the stress in ways that it hasn’t before isn’t one I’m taking seriously enough.

    My appetite seems to be fine at the moment after weeks of doing freaky ass things.

  4. This has happened to me a few times in the past as well. The best plan I have followed if it keeps happening is to come off the pill for about one or two months (until periods return to normal), then go back on the same one again. Results in ickyness in the meantime though.

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