Tapping Away

Gods back to the claustrophobia tht is Royston Vasey in a coach. I love this place as long as I only have to visit. Met up with the Blacksmiths Granddaughter again and I cannot believe her energy she runs way to many things and has asixteen motnh old kid, I used to have that energy. I wonder where it went. All my desires seem so selfish, I used not to be like that, butthen back hereunder the big sky that you getin the Green County (and only in the Green County) I used to asign my worth as next to nothing.

I walked the Viking path home today, took the Jellicle Cat on it before my brething overwhelmedus. Sure, partly its good to be back, but I only ever want to visit here, not stay. Does that make me unfair? I don’t know.

Anyway, back to a brief revisitation of my childhood in the other Conty. Brief is all I feel I can take.

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