Teaching Go

The Jellicle Cat is currently teaching my mother Go, they’re having a great time.

I had forgotten what insanity Royston Vasey and La Spente put together plunge into, the sheer levels of activity are exhausting! So far the Grail quest hasn,t really been advanced by the tour of Brittany but hey, I know a bit more of Breton Arthurian tradition than I did. I didn’t get ,uch of a chance to catch up with the guy who has come nearest to being my younger brother but I do rather approve of his girlfriend, the lovely Flower. My French Sister has miles more energy than I ever really remember having and has brought ,e up to date on French politics, she’s a huge activist these days, I don’t thinkI could ever get into politics itself but I regard floating around the edges as I used to do, with the Oxfam campaigns etc as being a real part of engaging with life.

(Incidentally, not typing using a querty keyboard so apologies for any typos!)

The Jellicle lent me a book on Zen earlier, I was actually surprised by how much it made sense.

We’ve visited the zoo, the Mt St Michel (as well as the Tomb D’Elaine), St Malo and the Jellicle has been dragged around a place that technically I’ve never lived…technically. I can’t quite explain it, I guess it’s si,ilar to a place where your cousins live except thqt I feel closer to La Spente than I do anywhere my cousins have lived, it’s not engendering quite the same emotive reactions as Royston Vasey does, except that it is, sort of, when Royston catched me on a good day.

What can I say, La Spente is a place I grew up, complete with Mama, Papa, soeur et frere but it’s as if they’re there and I got taken into care before they got a chance to quite fuck up with me as any usual families do.

I feel good on the whole, next yeqr will be the official 20th anniversary of Royston and Spente being together (as opposed to this year which is unmarked by an EU grant despite me having been speaking French for 20 years!) So there are plans afoot which I can be involved in without getting absorbed back into the living mass of Royston. I guess it’s proof that my reactions aren’t whole things yet, this need of mine to be slightly divorced from things, to have them at a bit of a distance. Or maybe it’s proof that I know what I need, that I grew up in a small village where things afe always going to be close and claustrophobic and some days Ineed to take to the moors and flee for a bit.

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