We are so wrong to consider that time is a linear event. We are so caught up in the damn physics of the world that we forget that of course our experience of the world is more important than the laws which govern the ways things work. Time is not linear, we live in a multitude of times and each connection and romance and all the rest of it cut across time, we know whats coming and what has been and we extend in every temporal direction that it is possible to.

Blame Noel Coward and E Nesbit.

8 thoughts on “Dancing

  1. The only reason we know time is happening is that things change. If everything were to be frozen in the same state for the rest of eternity, would time as we know it have stopped?

  2. And gradually the fact that time is squiggly and bendy and affected just by being near a rock, a tree, a person etc changes it is seeming into hte collective mind and here we see that point begin to manifest in someone outside physics

  3. Woah. Love it Sea Otter, I’d love to know why they chose the Cabalistic Tree of Life, was it simply because it’s a useful known symbol with ten places or did they have any other reasons.

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