Sometimes Life Really Sucks

Kore is Skimble’s pet sugar glider, we both chose her from Kofu pet shop a couple of years ago. Today, eleven days before Skimble flies home we have discovered that Air Canada (the only airline which it is legal to fly these things on) cannot in fact take Kore because she is illegal in Canada.

Kore, effectively, can’t leave Japan.

Skimble’s upset, and I in my helplessness 6000 fucking miles away, am also.

Edit: It is now 4:30am in Japan and gods know what time in Virginia but Skimble’s Mum officially ROCKS! There is a way to get Kore to Virginia from Japan! Life is well again!

One thought on “Sometimes Life Really Sucks

  1. I still have to get her reservation with the airlines (in two different countries, gha!) but according to Toronto’s airport, Kore will be held in the animal export area and we will be escorted to the gate when I hop on the plane for the US.

    Thank god Air Canada flies to Baltimore, Maryland!

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