Bad Ninja

Sunday evening was perfect. A lovely evening spent sat on the grass in front of the Greaves Park with Mother-In-Law talking about everything. Of course this included being told that the reason I was losing my l33t ninja skillz was because I’m wearing a pirate costume far, far, far too often. It’s sapping my powers!

19 thoughts on “Bad Ninja

  1. Yes, y-e-e-s. Embrace your pirate nature. You know Pirates have more fun, and loose, flouncy shirts and tight breeches beat black silks anyday*.


    *Particularly in this weather.

  2. Jonno: You’re just saying that because you haven’t seen me (unsurprisingly) in my figure-hugging tight black silks.

  3. As any fule (or chaos magician!) knows, ninja will dress and act as whatever they want to access different identities and associated powers, in order to enact their fiendishly complex plans!

    Them their ninjas excel at stage magic and LBM, so, before you know it, you’re looking just where they want you to, and nowhere else.

    Hmmm, that explains those hotpants and sheer silky shirts… ;o)

  4. So Mr Jez… you’re saying that a ninja could very well be wearing a pirate costume as part of their fiendish plot?

    So… Pirate ninja?

    Pirate… Ninja…

    *quakes in fear at such an amalgamation of unholy power*

  5. "Ninjas can act like pirates if they want to, but pirates can’t act like ninjas so well… "

    Ah, but can pirates act like ninjas who are acting like pirates?

  6. And if you want to look like you’re wearing a false beard then just twist a couple of wires into the top of your real one…

  7. Pirates should be indistinguishable _from_ ninjas who are acting like pirates.

  8. Yes, and thus, in the English language, a slightly different meaning…but you knew that already I know. 😉

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