French Fridays

I had hoped to pop in to Rabbit Girl’s thing briefly this afternoon, however after a morning of kitchen disasters (we ate mushroom soup rather than pate) and an afternoon of much the same I have to say that I wasn’t really up for it. My mood is all over the place at the moment, I’m over-reacting a lot and I know it. I am sorry to everyone I’m upsetting in the process. I will be taking some time off at the end of June to visit my Gentleman Friend’s parents and the Jellicle Cat and I will be grailing in Ulverston in July. With any luck these things combined will relax me somewhat.

I got to rub Princess Lex’s feet tonight and taste my new absinthe, which I waited ages to do (and it was so worth it!) so even if my french meal went tits up I had a good night. The new french absinthe is so much nicer than the normal La Fe stuff I have in. I’m not convinced over the subtler Swiss stuff, it’s a bit too reminiscent of pastis (considering that was the replacement for absinthe in France after it became illegal maybe thats not such a surprise) for me. The others (Princess Lex, FoxyJonno and the Jellicle Cat) all preferred the Swiss recipe – maybe this is just proof that my palate is anything but subtle!

Mmmmmmm….nice alcohol. Mish’s mood good…yeah I have been in a shitty mood when I’m actively enjoying drinking this much. It’s when I start telling people about the agreement vodka and I have that you really ought to worry however, meh… life goes on.

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  1. The meal was lovely 🙂 Thank you again for a very pleasant evening. And stop apologising… 😉

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