Northern Family

Well, yesterday had it’s peaks and troughs, I’ve finally met my Gentleman Friend’s northern family (which amusingly enough includes Gerbil Rob as his brother). I met a great many people yesterday who I managed to miss by inches during my time at Lancaster, though the part of the dinner last night where Gerbil Rob was insisting that I was five years older than I actually am grated a bit.

Mostly the downspins were me feeling distinctly unwell. Everyone was fabulous, especially my Gentleman Friend’s Ibiza mother and his Little Sister who reminds me a HUGE amount of the Princess. All in all a big family wedding that was not unpleasant. I ended up talking gardens for a good deal of the night with the Driving Instructor (Gerbil Rob’s girlfriend), the best plan for a forty-second birthday with Blaze, and magical weddings with Gerbil Rob.

My Gentleman Friend looked hugely dashing in his white suit (photos will go up soon I promise – actually I know a general photo update is needed and it will happen!)

I do think that it looks like this unwellness is the tailend of the glandular fever. I was exhausted by dancing to two songs last night and I’m still utterly knackered now.

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