I have no voice still today, yesterday I woke up with a pounding headache and no voice, today I am at least sans the pounding headache. (Thanks Miss UD for being very understanding and doing most of the conservatory on her own!)

The drama of yesterday paid off in Fed-Ex delivering a rather fine suit from my Gentleman Friend’s tailor. It really is a very fine summer suit and the shades he’s wearing make him look like he should be on a film set or something!

I feel like I’m disguised, I’m wearing pink and white and look terribly respectable and, well, dressed for a wedding really. At least I’ve found something I can wear to my cousin’s wedding at the end of July. (I need to send my measurements to my other cousin for the bridesmaids dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Of course, if I take the white cardigan off then the pink dress reveals itself to be rather low cut (practically to my bellybutton and I am in some danger of waving my tits around for all to see – not quite like at LURPs on Thursday). I’m taking rather a perverse pleasure in knowing that once the cardy is off I’m back to being a thoroughly Mishy Mish.

I also have a pair of bright pink shoes. This is causing me extreme pleasure. Plus I got a hugely amusing couple of text messages which indicates I really should apologise to Princess Lex, I am clearly far, far worse than she is:

‘Remember when we were talking about how long the scars you’ve inflicted on your various lovers had lasted? And you blamed me for that one I had for about six months?’


‘Well, it turns out I still have that scar. Marajuana Kiss just found it.’

(The scar in question was given…oh about four and a half years ago! On the other hand I would like to state that the gentleman in question was really, really good in bed and should wear his scar proudly.)

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