I failed. It’s kind of strange though because I almost feel like I passed. Normally when I fail my driving test (I can say normally, that’s seven of the buggers over the past seven years) I’m a total wreck. Now I just feel pretty relaxed, I drove damn well today, often I clock up minor faults like nobodies business until it’s past sixteen, this time I didn’t.

I got ten faults.

I failed because one of those was a serious, I misjudged the speed of a Ford Mondeo when pulling out of a junction, nearly got away with it because I shoved the accelerator to the floor (realising half-way through pulling out that the car was not going as slowly as I initially thought) but he had to slow a little bit.

In anycase I’m not as down as I thought I might be (I haven’t actually spoken to my Dad yet I admit…) so will probably be doing more than just sticking my nose in to the housewarming tonight.

Right, I’m off to have lunch.

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  1. I’m sorry…but you’re further along than I am. I haven’t the first idea of how to drive. Hope to see you out tonight.

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