Anyone who reads the Jellicle Cat’s blog will already have had a bit of an update regarding the couple of days walking we did around Ulverston. He even included a handy map with comments thanks to the wonders of Google Maps.

I had hoped that Urswick would provide me with mystical wossname but it didn’t, on the otherhand Ulverston itself was surprisingly useful. I won’t bore the non-Grail questers out there (but if you are on the quest then get over to the LJ!)

I liked our holiday. I like walking through places where there isn’t much around. The bleaker most people would consider it the better in my opinion! Sometimes its all a bit crowded around here.

Today I suffered one of the worst allergic reactions I’ve had in a while. Ended up ringing around everyone once it became clear that I wasn’t going to get back from Cornish Bloke’s place on my own. (Basically I cleaned cat hair off the sofa.) Luckily for me at that point The Interrupter drove past with DS Luke. Gods how happy was I to see them! They got me home safe and sound and I leaped into a medicinal bath.

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  1. Not exactly your fault CB. And I’m fine so don’t worry. But, glad you’re going to hoover the furniture before I come back!

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