Is Emo the right word for this?

I’m having a sad day.

For the record I don’t feel like I’m particularly good company very often. In fact I often feel as if I’m inflicting myself on people, making them put up with me when I want to be somewhere. I have a history of inflicting myself for too long on people until they get fed up of me and I am all too aware of this and I’m just waiting for everyone to turn around and say ‘Mish just piss off will you?’

Also it annoys me that I cry so much. Ended up in tears twice today for absolutely no reason.

Like I said, sad day.

5 thoughts on “Is Emo the right word for this?

  1. I think it’s just a confidence and self esteem blip.

    You’re much loved and I find it hard to think of anyone who was wish for you to "just piss off".

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