There will be some sex mentioned in this entry, not entirely explicitly but you know, you might not want to know, I’ll give you another heads up further in.

So I’m back from a week in London. Saw Paul H and Sprog in the British Museum which was fun and we got to wander around the Egyptian exhibit, did a lot of Egypt actually because we went to the Petrie Museum which was really really cool if a little off the beaten track. It was rather fine because they keep the lights off in part of the exhibit so you go around which torches looking at ancient Egyptian artefacts! I felt like an archaelogist/tomb robber from the 1900s! The Petrie museum was not, however, as cool as the Soane’s Museum which is kept exactly as Sir John Soane left it in 1836. It was amazing, the first time I’ve seen architecture that I felt was art I mean, really, really art. I loved it. Of course this was no escape from the Egyptian feel of the week as there is a sarcophagus in the crypt!
I really want to go back and take some sketches, get some ideas on design and decoration. I really did like that guys plans. It was a beautiful way of doing a museum.

Me and My Gentleman Friend saw the Torch last Wednesday and went to The Woman In Black, before that, we went to the Anthony Gormley exhibition, Blind Light at the Heyward Gallery.

Here comes the sex bit.

There is a part of Blind Light which is rather fun, a large box with a fine white mist inside that rendered visibility down to about an armslength… it’s been a while since my series of sexual escapades in London (ask me about the museums sometime if you don’t know) and it’s been a while since I did really public sex. I have never shagged with people walking about within a hundred yards of me before… it was highly exciting!

I also went around Amora which rather disappointed me, it was three dimensional Cosmo magazine. There were some rather nice artworks but generally it was pretty plastic. I would have loved to see what Coco de Mer would have done with the space, cept that would have been expensive.

Later we got to stay at a hotel in Kensington which I got a last minute deal on, and there was a lot of Japanese food – utterly FANTASTIC!

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