The barbeque was pretty damn good even if I do say so myself.

Lately I’ve been stressed, feeling unable to concentratte or really do much of anything. My usual Mish-centring (which is what lets me be perceived as being quite so wonderful by certain peoples) seems off kilter and I’m needy as hell at the moment.

In short then, for being a bit demanding of friends at inappropriate times I’m sorry. But for all of you who came to the barbeque thankyou for letting me be a tad on the Mishy side. I like being social, I like one on one talking to people too, I suspect thats why I loved doing all those tarot readings yesterday.

I loved yesterday. I wish everyone had had as good a time. I hope people like the pics (they’re up on facebook).

8 thoughts on “Barbie

  1. I had a great time – the most relaxing time I’ve had in ages (except perhaps for the lovely meal the other night) and I’ll be adding some pictures on facebook and probably a larger selection in my usual photo place

  2. Yesterday rocked, thank you. I really enjoyed it.

    How are you for meeting up on Thursday at some point during the day? I fancy a nice cup of apple-flavoured tea.

    (You know, I’ve realised you’re probably the only person I sit down and natter about old times with?!)

  3. The wee bit I had the chance to attend was very pleasant, though I’d had enough of the sun by that point, after spending all afternoon outside up a ladder… ;o)

  4. The back was unbelievably hot, I walked out with the intention of saying hi and being socialable, but even with factor 50 (got to stay pale) I felt in danger of daystar burning.

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