So that was a big long self-indulgent ramble last night. I wonder whether I can explain myself a little more sanely and more concisely.

I am not ok. This is obvious, I know it myself, I’m at least attempting some form of self-awareness. Before anyone else starts advocating pills; I am not Depressed, I am sad and stressed out. There is any amount of huge difference and, having been Depressed, please allow me to think I know what I’m talking about here.

Certainly large amounts of both previous entries have been projecting hugely. But let me expand a little: I like living life with my eyes open. People here, with their eyes open, they are some of the coolest people I know. But sometimes everyone closes their eyes and everytime someone tells me that they’re sad I say the same things. (Pretty much the same things as I’m saying to myself). You stopped trying, you have no aims of your own, if you don’t live for yourself then your self shrivels up and dies.

Basically I am advocating everyone discovers their true will and acts accordingly. When you know what you want, know who you are and you go for it, then you become happy and are exciting and amazing.

As for myself. Mishes bounce pretty well, I’m down at the moment but I’ll be up soon I’m sure. I am sorry to everyone who thought that the entry was aimed at them. Thats now four of you, it really, really wasn’t aimed at anyone specifically. (Unless you think yourself that you are living life with your eyes closed).

6 thoughts on “Self-Indulgence

  1. *hugs*

    Maybe you could teach me about bouncing… I certainly could use a chat about self discovery, and the need to keep learning, and improving self. I do find Lancaster to be one of the strangest places I’ve been to: not on the surface, but when you stat scratching underneath it… 😉

  2. Talking, socialising and resting are all needful (if in different ways for each of us), but we also need to work (by which I do not mean simply necessary economic activity, although I do include that!). Whilst the value of a physical workout is by and large clear, the effects on our psyches of a lack of work, or a lack of the right work, can remain hidden for some time, or be trivialised.

    Quoting from memory…

    "From a word to a word, I was led to a word, from a deed to another deed." — Havamal, the Speech of the High One.

    I’m thinking that pretty much all the folk reading this know plenty about words, but I wish you all luck with the deeds.

  3. Your thoughts made me think about things of my own, so thanks for posting them.

    It’s good when other people actually point things out sometimes, although I realise that it wasn’t aimed at me I found it quite resonant.

    Now I need to discover what I actually want!

  4. Jez, that part about good luck with the deeds came across as somewhat patronising, though I think in parts I agree.

    Some of us, however, have made life-changing decisions and live them out in deed every day.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that you took it that way Ann. I was merely noting that everyone reading and commenting here clearly has some experience as a wordsmith, but that I have less of an idea of the deeds people are doing.

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