Personal Rules For STD Avoidance

Here follow my personal rules regarding STDs, these have been my rules since 2000. (For the record I lost my virginity as far as the medical profession is concerned in 1999.)

1. Use condoms all the time. (With men.)

2. Do not share toys. (Men and women.)

3. Visit the GUM clinic each term and encourage everyone else involved to do so. (nb. this has changed to currently, once a year)

7 thoughts on “Personal Rules For STD Avoidance

  1. I meant more that you only go once a year, everyone I know is guilt tripped by doctors to go every 3 months or more.

  2. I’m sleeping with only three men, I use condoms all the time. I know exactly who is sleeping with who in terms of those three men.

  3. True, I forgot that in Lancaster it’s hard to avoid finding out exactly what everyone else is doing, when and who with, which is a good thing here

  4. Lancaster is like most small places, also, I’m not sleeping casually with any of these guys so it’s easier to say ‘so… who are you doing what to? When?’ Which obviously you can’t if you’re just shagging acquaintences. Hence me going once a term in the past.

  5. Sound advice!

    Same goes for the poly guidance.

    Open and honest communication prevents people being hurt, it’s true.
    I’m not poly but I’d be up for sleeping with someone who is… hint hint

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