Friday Evenings

So the Jellicle Cat is out with the Heathens at the Winternights Moot tonight, not my thing so I’m crashing in front of the telly painting my nails. What do I find on? Friends. Ok, not the most exciting episode (Xerox girl, Xerox girl, Xerox girl) but the one where Joey’s working at the coffee shop and Chandler says he’d go out with Joey if he was gay.

In anycase, whilst proving I’m sad enough to have loved Friends, I was just thinking about Friday nights when I was a teenager. This involved me going from school to swimming and then coming back and sitting with my sister in front of Friends, Frasier and possibly Seinfeld. Usually doing my nails or reading a book during the adbreaks…

Anyway, I’m reminiscing for a reason. I really need to start having nights like that again. You know, ones where my sole reason is relaxing for me. Also, I could start paying some attention to the way I look on a more regular basis. I mean, it’s something that I do do, just not obsessively. Well, I like playing dress-up. Sorry, I ramble. I’m getting my cleansing and moisturising regime back on track and now I’m looking at my clothes and make-up. Well, something has got to get me employed right.

I wonder how long culture shock did for me? I do feel like I’m in the process of waking up. So, having woken up what’s my next move?

Oooh The Class is on, they say that’s kind of like Friends!

My next move?

I’m writing. Nanowrimo isn’t a challenge for me, it’s a career move.

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  1. I haven’t watched Frasier for _ages_ (likely before uni except for the odd episode from season 1), I miss doing that.

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