Here’s To Love

Here’s to love, a glass raised, to that first look you got at the person you were destined to spend the rest of your days with. Because, whoever you’ve fallen in love with ‘in love’ transcends time. From the moment you first breathed them in to the moment you breathe your last breath out, they’ll be with you. To death do us part is only a foolish part reflection of the enormity of this emotion.

Here’s to love. A glass raised to the sharing of selves. When you extend that loving spiderlight, when you bend and look directly along it’s thread you offer yourself and you take responsibility for everything that happens along that spiderlight. If the love is reciprocated then you both/all take responsibility. Just as you do for yourself.

Here’s to love, to fully comprehending it in all it’s forms. To really feeling it, to daring to feel it, to losing control for those instants because you completely trust that person/people who’s arms you are in.

Here’s to love, to the needle and thread that you sometimes need to take to a spiderlight that’s been a little bruised and broken. To creating something wonderful in past and future and above all the constant present that is always there because to be in love is to exist in the now forever more.

Here’s to love, and as the veil between the worlds grows thin, here’s to knowing that the spidelight between those you lvoe is strong enough to always be, here’s to throwing open your doors and declaring that someone may run through them and dance in the snow, and here’s to love and here I go.

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