I have had a GOOD DAY TM. Mother-In-Law and I declared ‘Road Trip’ and I went to see my Mum for an hour at lunchtime (I had a jacket potato). This was good even if it must have felt a bit weird for Mother-In-Law, she got the works as I ended up walking along a bit of the Viking Way with her. Mum was really chuffed, I think it has to have been one of my better birthday present ideas, she looked utterly gobsmacked when she walked into reception and saw me!

I’m so utterly happy about today. The light was perfect and the sky was big and theres nothing and nowhere on earth I’d rather have been.

Apart from the bit of today which was my Dad informing me over the telephone that actually my interview can’t have been that good because they usually offer you a teaching job on the spot rather than (as they said) ringing me at some point over the next week. Well, I didn’t think I’d got it after that interview to be honest and I was somewhat nervous about the job anyway.

Then I read a friends blog to discover that Alan Coren has died. 🙁

7 thoughts on “Roadtrip

  1. Glad to hear about such a fine surprise birthday present, though sad to hear about Alan Coren.

    Interview practise is good, whether you get this one or not. Don’t let old stick-in-the-muds with beards knock your moves! 😉

  2. Actually, what your dad said is bollocks. More than half of the teaching job interviews I’ve had have told people to leave straight after their interview and said taht they will make a decision and call either that night or the following day. Not everyone makes decisions on the spot.

  3. Not really, Archangel. All of the job interviews I’ve had bar one have been in Lancashire, and their policies have been pretty wide ranging.

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