This Weekend

I’ve had, overall, a good weekend.

It started on Friday with my road trip avec Mother-In-Law and continued Friday night when the Ex-Gardnerian, Nordic Lady, FoxyJonno and Princess Lex came over for dinner. So the card games didn’t go down well with everyone, next time we’ll grab a CheapAss game instead. On the otherhand I got into a very nice state of mind to do some scrying in and answered some questions.

Saturday started slowly, Princess Lex and Foxy Jonno joined us for breakfast and then I headed bathwards whilst they headed townwards with the Jellicle Cat. A rather interesting afternoon followed. It was, good, appropriate, right? I don’t know. It meant I ran up a hill behind Mother-In-Law and hung around in a very cool grove until the world seemed …good? I wasn’t sure after that that I would be out Saturday night but after crashing at Princess Lex’s and Foxy Jonno’s place I was well up for dancing until one.

The Non-Poncey Goth gave me the CD he’s been promising me for months and it’s really really good! (Not that this is a surprise to be honest.)

Sunday Morning involved the Archers, another breakfast with some of my favourite people and then leisurely heading into town to see Stardust. OH MY GODS. I first came across Stardust when Man Of Taste read it to me as a bedtime story in Ulster Road back in the days of the BBSO. Interestingly enough when I was listening to the narration I wasn’t so much getting the films narration as filling in MoT’s voice! The film was not a disappointment in a big way. Now I’m looking forward to the LURPs trip to see The Golden Compass. Afterwards Eric the Viking and FJ and Princess Lex came back to our place for tea. FJ then managed to leave our house for almost an hour before coming back to run his game! (This amuses me greatly).

The game’s highpoint this week, for me was Mother-In-Law turning up at my door having phys-repped her in-game slashed throat. Excellent! Good weekend.

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