You Know You’re Shagging A Cyberpunk GM When…

Some people may feel that this entry contains too much information about my sex life.

So, firstly can I reccomend the use of vibrating cock rings.

Secondly can I reccomend that this fantastic sex toys not be used in conjunction with a cyberpunk GM who has his ref head on because he will start refering to his ‘mecha-penis’ or start pondering whether he needs to take cuts in empathy because of his ‘borgy’ bits.

For a second there darling I thought I was in bed with Dodge.

Oh and just to end off: vibrating cock-rings – the most solid guarantee I’ve found to multiple-orgasm.

4 thoughts on “You Know You’re Shagging A Cyberpunk GM When…

  1. Now, you see, whilst tabletops and roleplaying should both play a part in all healthy sex lives, I think the mixing of the two can take one to places that man (& woman!) was not meant to know! … ;o)

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