Bandwagon Jumping

Tell me about a story I haven’t written yet and I’ll give you a paragraph from that story.

I felt like putting my own spin on the meme.

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  1. You really liked the Camelot in the 16th Century deal?

    I honestly wasn’t sure about it. Anyway, I thought you particularly liked my take on Morgana so I thought I’d use this as my excerpt:

    The monk crept a little further forward into the cave. She was old, terribly old, and her matted hair had had no maid for some time. Even despite the lack of her fabled beauty, given what hints the King had made not only was Brother Patrick certain that this Arthur had his Morgaine he was even more certain that this Morgaine was not the kings sister, but rather that the Countess of Poitou lived!

  2. I don’t know how inspirational it really was given it’s simplistic style, but here we go;

    Snow on the mountain or

    Yume no yama.

    Ima wa yume no yama. Yama wa kirei desu. Haru ni yama wa kirei desu demo ima wa fuyu. Haru ni yama wa midori desu yo. Ima, yama wa shiroi desu yo.
    Shiroi suki desu. Ima, watashi wa shiroi daisuki desu. Shiroi wa hane desu. Shiroi wa yume desu. Shiroi wa junsei desu.
    Ima, yama wa shiroi desu. Ima, yama wa fuyu desu.
    Yume no yama wa segoi kirei. Watashi no kokoro wa shiroi, iro no sendo, iro no kirei.

  3. Hey that was so much more than just a fanfic!

    Well, anyway, I thought I’d excerpt from the last part.

    To have been left behind was the worst thing, never mind that I had planned it with them, never mind those hours spent working out how best to do it. The worst thing was hiding in the abandoned building watching as they self-injected the memory suppressant and as their faces changed so as they had no recall of the ensign who had come with them. Then, they vanished, those familiar swirling gold transporter beams taking my colleagues and friends away from Turkana IV, leaving me behind.
    Now all I had to do was survive until the last part of the plan went into effect. Time to find the Coalition then, and back to my old life as if Starfleet and the Academy had never happened… I wondered how long I had before I truly believed it never had.

  4. While it was controversial at the time, and the endless Animal Farm comparisons from critics got really, really boring, I have to say that your allegorical story of fairy-tale creatures coming to take over Europe is one of the most intriguing things I’ve seen.

  5. Y’know I’ve never really understood the Animal Farm comparisons… and to be honest the word allegory didn’t even pop into my head whilst writing, but, here you go, something from the romance in that story:

    Julia looked at Tobias, he was, without doubt the only good thing about this world now. Her kind, she snorted, she was even thinking of humans as ‘her kind’ now, how much farther could she go to betray her alleigances for love? Her kind, the humans, had retreated now where there was no treaty leaving the open mountains, the thick woodlands to the newcomers, the oldcomers, the satyrs and centaurs and dwarves. The world was open and taken and she would rather be here, a pet for a satyr, than starving and telling half-scared tales by the fires in caves as her family were.

  6. I am glad someone liked my fish-stronauts. Here you go, from near the beginning before it gets really heavy:

    Marcel gazed at the stars beyond his bowl, he considered the pressure his bowl was withstanding and undulated his head in amazement. No matter how many times he went into orbit around Sea he couldn’t shake off the feeling of how wonderful it all was. He swept around to face Evadne, who glared at his unnecessary ripples, Marcel didn’t care, who could care, they were cosmonauts flying above Sea in their bowl – nothing could take away from that.
    He did not see the worry that ringed Evadne’s eyes, nor the jerky movements her gills made. He would not know for some time what made her glare so harshly at his movements. She had known before she made this flight, more, she knew how easily infection spread out here, above Sea, and she had still come.

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