Coat Hangers?

Anyone got too many coat hangers? I’ve run out and I still have more clothes!

(I can feel my ten year old tomboy self dying of embarrassment here).

6 thoughts on “Coat Hangers?

  1. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The world doesn’t have enough coat hangers.

    The reason for this is that clothes stores ask, "Do you want the hangers?" as they partly withdraw them from the clothes you’ve just bought, and politeness demands that you don’t make them put them back in again.

    "No, no, it’s alright."

    Five seconds later, you realise what you’ve just said and curse inwardly.

  2. As someone who used to work in a clothes shop – it’s easier to pack clothes without hangers sticking in them and ruining the shape, regardless of whether the customer wants them. Next time, just say yes – they have the take them out of the clothes anyway and will just stick them in the bag separately 🙂

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