Learning And Brain Chemistry And Souls

So, I’ve been dealing with doctors for a bit now – hence the random posts last week. I’ve been really really up in the air for the majority of the end of November because of my choice of writing topic for nanowrimo which was so up my own arse it hurt (I mean it is possible to to take ‘write what you know’ too far). I am feeling so much more feet on the ground now than I was (thanks everyone who put up with and grounded me in many different ways) and may even be capable of vaguely rational conversation and interaction.

Now, back to that brain chemistry post I made. I was a little upset (the medical profession have a habit of doing that to me) and so it may not have been that representative of my actual state of mind, however:

I am not a follower of the ghost in the machine notion of souls. I believe that souls are and can be created throughout a persons life, I believe that without a soul a human is merely a potential human. So what do I think a soul is? I’m not entirely sure, I could make vague statements about electro-magnetic energy but I don’t have the biology or chemistry or even physics to actually have a real idea of what I’m talking about. Is the soul some other dimensional tie in to the body within this dimension? The idea (along with eleven dimensions only four of which we perceive) has a certain amount of appeal, (for one thing it might explain why gravity is so weird) but it doesn’t ring exactly true to me… if everything ‘supernatural’ could be explained by intersecting dimensions then why would we be able to percieve any of it?

Natural laws that aren’t fully understood… the way things interact, that holds more of my interest and seems somehow more real to me. I have blathered off topic here.

Back onto the subject of the soul; it is all real the chemistry of the brain intereacts with the soul that you make and is a part of it’s physical embodiment. To dismiss brain chemistry as being ‘science’ and nothing to do with the soul seems pointless, it’s all in there, it is the physical manifestation, the soul is the psychic manifestation…of course they both interact with the body sometimes subtley.

Meh, not sure I’m making sense but I need to teach tarot now. Says it all really.

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  1. Cor!

    Nowt like opening a wondrous can o’worms is there? … 😉

    Speaking of soul-lore (or psychology if you prefer the Greek!), without wallowing in the problems of the homunculus, dualism, epiphenomenalism or panpsychism is quite a task.

    I’d like to offer something helpful, but I may sleep on it first! Either way…

    May the force be with you!

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