My Weekend

I’ve had a busy weekend. My main annoyance is that I didn’t bring my camera out with me on Saturday night.
So Friday I went to the barcrawl and dressed as Aphrodite, Saturday I worked on the Yellow Sign props which unfortunately meant I missed the fireworks and then Saturday evening I dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element and danced the night away.

Someone must have a photo of that? Surely?

Sunday morning I made more props with Manly Viking and my Gentleman Friend before running a Lace and Steel one-shot, which, I wasn’t satisfied with. For one-shots I really need to get into the habit of jollying players along more and directing them more, we ended up about half way through the adventure but as Foxy Jonno said it did actually make a certain degree of sense for it to be the beginning of a two parter… so Cuddles, your game has a distinct shape that could happily continue for months.

I’m not sure what prompted the ‘Well that’s this week over with’ thought that popped into my head but whatever it was, immeadiately afterwards I started having that edgy feeling of the type you get before taking an exam you haven’t revised for.

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