Running Away From Home

So, on Tuesday I ran away from home.

It was great!

More specifically this wonderful man that I live with (the Jellicle Cat for those of you not keeping up) told me last week that he reckoned I needed some Mish time and should go away for a couple of days. If you’re surprised that I didn’t use this as an excuse to get on a train and seriously vanish from Lancaster then please consider that I’ve been hyped up to the nines about Samhain this year and really didn’t want to leave.

So, what have I been doing? Well, running away from home is a very fifteen year old thing to do because every so often I had to go back because I realised that I’d forgotten something.

On Tuesday, I helped the Jellicle choose some new glasses… well except I didn’t really because he still couldn’t decide. I suspect Princess Lex might be a better choice for such expeditions. Then I had lunch with Mother-In-Law and ripped a Queens of the Stone Age CD. They’re actually surprisingly enjoyable. After lunch I curled up and went to sleep, I do like dozing sometimes, it can be a hugely nice thing to do.
Tuesday evening I scryed for people, had my tarot cards read and took part in a big Samhain ritual that went off pretty well. Then I discussed the nature of daemons and magic with a Christian psychic and the fact that Lancaster is full of people doing magic / being psychic etc.etc.

On Wednesday I wandered by the estuary and through town and ended up using up my inhaler. This lead me to interupt Princess Lex and Foxy Jonno’s holiday to ask for an emergency inhaler (the Jellicle not being home and me not trusting myself with getting up the hill into Chamber Town). Ooops. I nipped home to gain new inhalers and popped on the net before heading back out to the estuary and met Mother-In-Law in town. Having realised I had run away from home she offered to cook for me – hurray! Then we played with ways of inducing trance states and for the first time in a while I got a chance to play in trance rather than go down and scry for other people or have a specific purpose in mind. Once she’d got off to sleep I vanished off to go and do my Samhain ritual? Vigil? It went rather well I think.

This morning I was woken up by squirrels, one of which came up to me and chattered loudly in my face whilst the other two hung back. It rather woke me up from my light doze in which I was convinced I was curled up on a sofa with someone else. I had a very nice Samhain, if somewhat quieter than I was expecting.

On with the rest of the week.

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