Craig Becker Is The Best

So it may have been Cornish Bloke who fixed us up that first time but it was Mr Becker who put us in a room and told us to get it sorted. He is the greatest!

Me and the Jellicle had our four year anniversary today, apart from me being completely laid out the whole of today by the evil blood loss that seems to want to make me suffer this month it’s been good. Curry, lager and movies, and presents.

I CAN HAS HELLO KITTY JOY! (My boyfriend and his other girlfriend made them for me…and she made mean jokes about my fishing skillz in Zelda 🙁 )

I get to come home after my adventures. That was what we said four years ago and it rather seems to be working.

I do love the Jellicle Cat very much.

4 thoughts on “Craig Becker Is The Best

  1. What are the odds, one of the very rare times I check your blog thing and the first words I see are I am the best…. I could get use to that sort of thing


    Clearly everyone needs a me 😛

    For the record your both as mad as a box of frogs 🙂

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