Have An Orgasm

Ok, what I want everyone to do is have early morning sex on the 22nd December. This includes masturbation. I want everyone to try and achieve orgasm at 6:08 am, well as close as possible. Why do I want people to do this?


I just joined a group called Orgasm For Peace, they want everyone to orgasm at the time of the Solstice in aid of World Peace. Now I know how I’m thinking about this, they have a page in their website called the Science bit where they talk about Quantum stuff… to me it sounds a bit like bollocks (I could be wrong) but I do know that orgasm can be directed magically. So orgasm and if you can during the mindblowing bit focus on or allow the cocept of world peace to float through your mind.

If nothing else it’ll make you think and set you up for the rest of the day.

I happen to believe it could actually affect a change.

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  1. Ooops…sorry, not quite woken up…I think I must just edit out all references to ‘early morning’ at this time of year!

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