Hen Weekend

Ok. So I’m less stressed than I was on Friday. By a long way. A trip to a spa and a weekend drinking will do that to you.

Went down to Liverpool on Friday to get a lift over to Centre Parcs by my Cousin, The Bride Princess’s, best mate, the Windowdresser. The drive down was quite nice and the chatter was good which was also nice because me and The Bride Princess have never been particular friends, not that we don’t get on particularly but we are very different people (though have weird commonalities in the way that relatives tend to).

Anyway Friday we saw the amount of booze my Aunty had brought…oh dear gods. I made vodka jellies (and floated sweets in them! We drank and I gave tarot readings (after the Groom’s mother and sister had gone to bed as they’re related to a Bishop and The Bride Princess felt this might be a good plan!) and we stayed up chatting until about 2ish… the Groom’s mother and sister were much more clean living and went to bed earlier. My Aunty told interesting stories about bomb-making in the outback and then we went to bed.

I could really, really tell that I was hanging out with a bunch of heterosexual women though. Very normal ones. Who regard men as some sort of different species. I don’t know. It was odd.

Saturday was spent by going to a Spa…oh I want… oh I LIKE… oh very much. The whole layout of the place was basically based around the Roman Baths at Bath and in the centre was an open air (heated) swimming pool. It was glorious to just float on my back and watch the clouds scud overhead. There were lots of different rooms, saunas, steam rooms, experience showers, water beds and a meditation room. Also there was a zen garden that was far too crowded. I had a great time with a facemask on in the Turkish Hammam… wonderful! Then we went for lunch and some of us came back for treatments – I had a Swedish Massage… I LOVED it! In such a huge way.

I so want to do that again.

Then I went off to the tropical swimming experience to try and find my sister… didn’t and went for a wander in the very manicured wilderness. Just so… fake. It felt a bit off and so I ended up scuttling back to do some writing before getting tanked up (and I mean tanked) on kir, vodka jelly and magharitas and heading out for our meal out. We met the sweetest waiter, he was fantastically camp and gave our table BALLOONS because we were on a hen night. Then it was more girly chat and drinking and lots of chocolates until me and the WindowDresser knew we needed to crash. I woke up to discover that The Bride Princess and my Cousin-In-Law had spent the night under duvet’s on the really large sofas being incredibly girly. Me and The Princess quickly joined them and my Aunty under the covers eating chocolate and drinking tea until we popped over to the other cabin for breakfast… can you say slumber party?

This morning it was all about tree top adventure and zip wires… so should have done the spa and the activities the other way around! I had a truly excellent time.

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