New Year

Yeah, this next year is going to be good. I’m taking control. I want a year that is calm and is building on all the good stuff from this year. I want a year that I can look back on and say yeah, we did good.

I’d like for there not to be so much of a rollercoaster.

I’m so lucky for so much that has happened over the course of the past year, I’m loved and I’m going to do good. I’m really going to go places this next year and hell, I get to do it with my very own cheer team. Ok. Go me. That book is going to be written this year and I am going to get paid for it too.

So, New Years resolutions:

1. Get fit enough to keep up with Foxy Jonno. I have a work-out and excercise regime to take me through to August, so here’s to actually sticking to it.
2. Get organised, this includes being more environmentally organised as well. My room will be tidy by the end of January, my recycling will be done on the correct days and everything will work as planned!
3. Listen and observe more and remember to tell people (Jellicle) things, generally behave with more empathy and thought.

4. I must also fulfill my destiny as an Alien Space Princess. (The Jellicle and Mother-In-Law tell me so).

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