No, I’m Batman

Ok, I’m actually slightly turned on by the trailer for The Dark Knight. Mmmm funky. There may well be a rant on feminism coming up, you have been warned.

6 thoughts on “No, I’m Batman

  1. Feminism?

    To do with Batman? Like in the whole, hang on, that wasn’t whatserface from the first film, but a new pretty female instead, in the whole James Bond style?

    Or is it completely unrelated?

  2. Oh, and it does indeed look funky.

    Those things on the front of the motorbike… machine guns? I hope not.

    And the Joker – not quite how I expected him to look, but I like it.

  3. Batman style, Archangel. Bruce Wayne’s had a rotating cast of love interests since 1938; Bond comes in in the early fifties. Odds are this is drawing on the Batman roots rather than James Bond. (Compare also the Burton/Silver run, where the best anyone gets is a comment that it’s a shame Vicki Vale left.)

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