Oh Gods What Did I Do?

I haven’t had the start of a period like this one since I was a teenager. I just spent the last thirty minutes on the floor screaming.

I may cancel the game tonight.

The BLESSED Pain Killers have just begun to kick in.

I feel wobbly and faint, like I’m losing blood – funny that. I’m making a doctors appointment. It hasn’t been this bad for years.

3 thoughts on “Oh Gods What Did I Do?

  1. Not to be personal, but aren’t you on the Pill? Because generally, people get put on it when they have bad periods, to help control them. Perhaps a different brand would be better for you? They seem to be really bad this year.

    *chocolatey hug*

  2. *hands over bar of Galaxy* You do seem to have had them worse than usual this year. Get yourself checked out just in case hon, you might need to chance scrip.

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