Sober Christmas

Sat down to a dinner of sandwiches and soup (mushroom not turkey) I suddenly realised that this has to be the only Christmas I have spent entirely sober since I was four years old.

I’m actually kind of liking it. I called home to discover that poor old Honorary Bitch has tonsilitis … this is so much more relaxed than the standard family Christmas I’m really rather liking it. And now for more Guitar Hero, my back seems to be getting a bit better so I might even attempt to play whilst standing up, I got a couple of ponchos from the Jellicle’s parents and so I feel very hippy – even more than Princess Lex to be honest (who is being a complete tease with her socks atm!

Yeah, I’ve had a really good Christmas and it hasn’t been totally on my own as in Japan. I can’t wait for the wedding, or New Year to be honest. Ok so not everything is right with the world but I’m feeling pretty damn good about this winter and I think I’m allowed that.

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