Sweet Home Green County or Mish’s Third Christmas…

Well I’m in good company this year when it comes to sheer numbers of ‘Christmas’ days! Number three started when I got in to the maison at Royston Vasey a little after midday. I’m certainly making up for the actual Christmas Day of sobriety of course, I arrived through the door to have an apperitif of cointreau thrust upon me, there was wine with lunch and an afternoon peppered with odd bits and pieces. Later on Dad proposes to try out three different sorts of whisky… no idea if I’ll like any of them but I’m saving the Laphroig for last.

I arrived to be greeted by Mum, Dad, the Princess, Straight and Honorary Bitch (who is feeling better after his bout of tonsilitis). I suspect it’s only because he’s on penecillin that Dad is being understanding of his not drinking. The Princess and he headed out earlier to that wonderful metropolis over the water, the Kings Town. It’s the first time he’s been out (apart from to Casulty) since Christmas Eve and he had three courses of soup for Christmas Dinner, poor lad. Straight was up because Boxing Day had actually involved the Ex-Leprechaun’s birthday celebrations,as per even though she’s technically moved to Gibralter. Da Bitches, somewhat depleted but still standing, returned to celebrate…again… they are going to be doing this when they’re forty aren’t they?

Well, I got stuff to grow in my pressies! And some seeds that I can share with Princess Lex (all flowers though). I also discovered that though I’ve been crediting Giggles with my wanting to spread Christmas cheer left right and centre its actually something that me and the Princess share – she made stockings for everyone too! (Straight and the Honorary Bitch).

On the whole though, given this alcolohic daze, I’m glad that the wedding rehersal is tomorrow and I’ll be headed out with the Princess quite early. Then to the wedding on Saturday and home with two extras on Sunday.

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  1. I got your text about the seeds – you’ll have to give me a hand with an idea I saw and want to put into practice for 2008.

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