I Officially Have No Gaydar

So, it comes to something when you’re having a conversation with a pretty girl and thinking, huh, if you were gay I’d think you were interested and so be flirting.

Then you find out she is in fact bi and kick yourself.

In anycase my faulty gaydar aside I had it really hammered home quite how unlike myself I’m being lately. I had a hugely emotional time at the end of last year and I didn’t so much deal as just keep on going, so I need to take some time out to myself for a bit and get myself sorted out. My health has gone to pot and I was already trying to get to grips with some family stuff and old stuff in my head when I kind of feel like I recieved several emotional punches to the gut over and over again. Yeah jobs are bothering me but I have stuff to deal with on top of that and I’m really not. I mean I took Mish time last year but I never actually sat down and dealt with stuff.

I’ve suffered a huge amount of writers block to the extent that I am feeling stuffed up with feelings. I had a really good birthday party yesterday but I’m suddenly aware that I’m lost inside me if that makes sense and I need to get out for a bit.

I might be a bit incommunicado for a while, or extremely communicado depending on who you are.

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