Music Meme

Put your MP3 player on random. Write down the first line of the first twenty songs to come up (no skipping the embarrassing titles). (I’ve taken second lines where the first line contained the title of the song.) See how many they guess…

1) Everyone dated the demise of our neighbourhood from the suicides of the Lisbon girls. – Air, Suicide Underground(Plodosexual)

2) …And after all were only ordinary men. (This is actually the second line) – Pink Floyd, Us and Them (FoxyJonno)

3) God? – Madonna, Like A Prayer (Erfie)

4) I like to dream, yes, yes, right between my sound machine. – Steppenwolf, Magic Carpet Ride

5) Put on your yalmulka, here comes hanukkah – Adam Sandler, The Hanukkah Song

6) Once, I can’t remember I was, long ago, someone strange – The Last Unicorn, When I was A Womanpart guessed by Mother-In-Law)

7) I stood out here once before, with my hat held in my hands. – Blackmore’s Night, Fires At Midnight

8) Get your party gown and get your pigtail down and get your heart beatin’ baby – Queen, Tie Your Mother Down (Weasel)

9) You and I in a little toyshop buy a bag of balloons with the money we’ve got (points if you guess which version I’ve got) – Nena, 99 Red Balloons (Erfie and Weasel)

10) You think we look pretty good together, – The Who, Substitute (Weasel)

11) …Down New York airconditioned drains, The click click clack of the heavy black trains (second line) – Thom Yorke, And It Rained All Night (FoxyJonno)

12) This is the point where the guitarist gets to speak, now and again, – Queen, Love of My Life from Live At Webley

13) Theres a theme she had and a scheme he had, told in a foreign land, – T’Pau, China In Your Hand (Erfie)

14) Oh Baby, now put a sable under the tree for me, – Eartha Kitt, Santa Baby (FoxyJonno)

15) How about a song Hagman? – John Tams, Over The Hills and Far Away (Plodosexual)

16) One day, I know, we’ll find, a place of hope – PJ Harvey, A Place Called Home (FoxyJonno)

17) Read my lips I don’t want to get involved with relativity, – Sophie Ellis-Bextor, The Universe is You (Archangel)

18) Come all of you cowboys all over this land, – Joan Baez, Ranger’s Command (Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan would also have done)

19) When you beat on that drum, talk in that tone, you’re just scratching on the surface, – Natalie Imbruglia, Talk In Tongues

20) Save me from drowning in the sea, beat me up on the beach. – Robbie Williams, Road To Manderley

16 thoughts on “Music Meme

  1. 3) Like a Prayer – Madonna
    9) 99 Red Balloons – can’t remember the artist, but I bet you have the German version
    13) T’Pau – China in your hand (that took some brain wracking)

  2. No extra points there I’m afraid, I quoted in English so it wasn’t the German version. You do get my respect for getting the Madonna on one word :).

  3. Shit. The first one is by Air and is on the Virgin Suicides soundtrack, but I’d have to get my own mp3 player out to see what it’s called.

    15… It’s not "Over the Hills and Far Away" from the Sharpe soundtrack is it?

    Some of the others seem familiar, will keep pondering.

  4. We have:

    2. Pink Floyd – Us and Them
    11. Thom Yorke – And It Rained All Night
    14. (Various) – Santa Baby
    16. PJ Harvey – A Place Called Home

  5. 17 is Sophie Ellis-Bextor, The Universe Is You.

    I’ll admit I had to go through the first lines of all my Sophie Ellis-Bextor songs to get that one though.

  6. 8: Tie Your Mother Down, by Queen.

    9: Artist is probably either Nena or Me First And The Gimme Gimmes.

    10: Substitute, by The Who.

  7. 11 went completely over my head, don’t actually know it. I did realise that I knew 16 when I came back to update my attempt, but by then Jonno had it.

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