New Year

Pretty quiet and utterly fabulous all told.

The Princess and the Honorary Bitch left New Years Eve afternoon after a pleasant lunch at the Stork with my Gentleman Friend (the loo was still blocked and no sign of the promised plumber). Then Mother-In-Law came over to dye my hair…purple. FJ popped over as I was washing off the dye in the shower and was appropriately complementary. We had tea together and then FJ left towards Rabbit Girl and Captain Carrot’s place where he and Lexy were spending the New Year playing guitar hero (didn’t we spend Yule doing that?), Mother-In-Law vanished off in Lady Byron’s direction and the Jellicle and I headed up to my Ex-Warder’s place.

After a discussion of appropriate baby names from A.A.Milne stories we arrived to find Cornish Bloke, my Ex-Warder, FFG and Marajuana Kiss watching Hairspray and drinking whisky. I joined FFG in a Jura and bopped along to a slightly too convincing John Travolta in drag, then they all started a game of Scrabble and I kissed everyone before heading to my midnight appointment over at Lady Byron’s place.

All in all there seem to be a collection of rather civilised smaller gatherings all over town.

At Lady Byron’s I found the Bumblebee, Archie, Weasel and Mother-In-Law enjoying a quiet drink. I had Lady B make me a Snowball (NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE it tasted like Sherbert) and enjoyed amusing conversation learning how to properly cock and fire guns. I made Weasel undress at pistol point and a good time was had by all. Seriously, does all my conversation come back to sex? Due to rain the aforementioned appointment with Mother-In-Law could not be on the roof so we saw in the New Year with Jools Holland and everyone downstairs. Lady B held a symbl which was a pretty damn good way of welcoming 2008. The Mother-In-Law and I escaped into the raindrenched night (with my Ex-Warder’s umbrella, though we gave up on that somewhere up Bowerham hill and just walked in the rain)… following the route we did last January 1st.

There was much conversation and reviewing of the year. Last year’s New Years party really did set the tone for much of this year, so maybe, just maybe the quiet little gatherings of this New Years will do the same. Quiet, controlled and simple year. We drove up into the hills and popped champagne (sorry no woman I’ve ever satisfied sounds like that… maybe I’m doing it wrong) and sat under dark trees talking.

It was a good New Year.

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