So, my day

So, interesting chicken and the egg situation that I can’t resolve. Do I become unhappy because I feel like I can’t say things or do I feel like I can’t say things because I’m unhappy?

Anyway, I’m making myself write this because not blogging isn’t good for me (nor is excessive blogging but thats not here nor there).

So, today and yesterday I called builders. I’m organising the repairs to the Sea Otter’s house. Yesterday I called five builders of which two of the numbers I had were either incorrect or old, I got told I’d be called back in three cases and I was called back by one of them who agreed to come over today to look see for a quote. The others got back to me today to say they had too much work on. Today I went round the Sea Otter’s place with a builder and then called a whole lot of other builders, all of whom promised to call back and a good few more dud numbers. Moderately frustrating that none of them called back by the end of the day but at least I’m doing something constructive.

Right, bought books today in the Oxfam Bookshop and swapped bookshop stories with the guy in there – he’s pretty cool. Talked to Landlords about becoming a real person when the Jellicle Cat stops being a student (and thus council tax means I may as well really live with him).

I’d forgotten how excited Hikaru no Go gets me, the Jellicle is watching it as I blog. It’s an anime about Go, it has no right to excite me.

I’m looking forward to Saturday FFG is coming round and we’re watching films and playing chess. He’s cooking…nom nom nom ginger and spring onion stir fry – his speciality. It’s been ages since we did that.

Mother-In-Law and I are planning our summer spa escape and somehow this has her mother talking about lesbianism… which confuses me. Can’t wait for August though.

Right, this is getting better and I’m going to keep blogging.

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