Swamp Day

So… today was the day that pretty much everyone was back at work.

This time last year I was preparing a classroom for the job that I thought would last a couple of terms. I had a plan for today, two in fact, one if the plumber turned up and one if he didn’t.
I didn’t actually do either, though the plumber did in fact turn up.

Actually today I mostly slept. Cried a bit. Mostly though, just slept.

I’m not sure where my willpower went, just phlut I guess. Anyway, tomorrow Mish doing the bouncing thing. Again. Looked at some job websites earlier, honestly wonder what’s the point when even if I can’t seem to keep it.

I sat down to do some writing, well editing actually, and just stared at the screen a while before calling Weasel. We watched Blue Murder at St Trinians and discussed old comedy, should have known he’d be a Round the Horn sort of bloke. Not heard any Beyond Our Ken though.

Funny thing, I can feel the swamp clutching me and I’m still walking and hating doing it. So, tomorrow, more walking.

3 thoughts on “Swamp Day

  1. Would you like to do something on Saturday day time? I have to go to Cumbria in the evening, but I’m yours for the day if you would like to do something cheap and cheerful!

    I hope the hair still looks as awesome as the chickee wearing it.

    Stay good – stay positive. This time of year is always a bit of a shitter. It’s a big one off for me; I’ve never enjoyed this time of year very much, but I feel like I’ve come out of the patch most people enjoy while I dread, and I’m going to get to work on all these new and exciting resolutions I’ve made.

    Power through it, Purple Girl and I’ll see you soon

  2. As the M-i-L says, grab me if you want someone to keep ya distracted. Actually, coming off hikes in Shropshire, I’d be up for walkin’ with you tomorrow if you’d have me, but either way.

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