Extra Day

The Aztecs had four days every year that were out of time. In some texts they are described as quite dangerous, in others as beautiful party days.

One day every four years we get an extra day according to the numbers. Thought For The Day just pondered it being a day like the Aztecs had and talked about a priest with three weeks left to live.

I occaisionally ponder whether it is. I am incredibly lucky, every single regret I have caused myself to have, every single regret I have had I have had a chance to say sorry and attempt to put things right. Sure not everything is perfect right now but I’m working at it. There is nothing that has happened now that I regret, yes I have a big mouth and I talk and pry and ask questions when I really shouldn’t but everything that it’s put wrong I’ve had a chance to put it right, to get things better so I don’t exactly regret it. I regret things that I do that really fuck things up and at the moment things seem pretty even.

Tonight me and the Jellicle Cat are headed down to his place and I’m a bit nervous but all is well with the world. (I admit to some paranoia, the last time I went away for the weekend my world shifted somewhat unexpectedly) Things could be better but they’re ok and they can always get better.

I’m somewhere totally different from where I was four years ago. Four years ago I was in the second term of my PGCE. I thought I’d teach and write and travel some. To be fair, I have taught and written and lived in Japan for two years which definately counts as some. (Not enough though). I was two months into my relationship with the Jellicle Cat (I’m now four years and two months in) and that seems to have survived a six thousand mile separation well enough. Four years ago I’d never been unemployed and I’ve now experienced eighteen months of not quite solid unemployment, not nice. I didn’t really think I’d still be in Lancaster but I am and it is very pretty (and I’m currently suffering paranoia over leaving for two days) and it’ll do for now.

I have a weeks worth of work left. Four years has changed a lot. Not everything though. Now, where’s that publishing deal? (And where’s that albulm?)

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  1. I made a comment on Friday, but it must have gotten eaten. Anyway, promise not to break Lancaster or cause upheaval while you’re gone πŸ™‚

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