Sonic Orgasms

So, I thought that this evenings blog would be about kegel exercises inducing orgasm. I was wrong.

Yes if you haven’t got it yet this blog entry may not be one you want to read, if it isn’t then don’t read it, if it is then go on.

I do kegel exercises because I’m paranoid about having a loose and flappy vagina, no really. Well, the fact that having toned PC muscles helps you control/understand your orgasm is also a big factor for me. Anyway, twice in the past couple of months doing kegel exercises has managed to bring me off (vaginal/g spot orgasm). Once it happened in a bus queue and I was doing them to distract myself from something at the meeting this evening when I managed to trigger one. I’m honestly not entirely sure how, I keep being told that I’m too easy to bring off but I suppose when it comes to muscle contractions if you get into the right rythymn then the natural ones are triggered and you go off into physical orgasm because thats what the body is used to doing.

In anycase, I was quiet and no one noticed. A little while later Ian started getting his toys out which included singing bowls. One of which the Jellicle wanted to buy for his sister, it was a little one and shortly after he bought it he started trying to get a sound out of it. I have yet to fully determine if it was because I was post-orgasmic anyway but the sound he produced with the singing bowl seemed to produce some sort of sympathetic vibration in my clitoral-hood piercing.

My second orgasm of the evening was most enjoyable.

Sonic-orgasms. How twenty-first century.

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