Valentine’s Day

Oh that was good, that was very, very good.

I started my day early, unfortunately because I’ve got a job since I planned out a certain Father Valentine’s route I had to cut it down to presents I found particularly amusing. Next year it will go back up again even if I have a job because I probably won’t have had to stay up late the previous night trying to meet a publishing deadline. Very silly Mish, on the otherhand to stay in that vein for a moment I’m getting a poem published again, My Lover is appearing in Immortal Verses, with any luck I’ll win a cash prize as well, maybe.
Also I was distinctly lacking in the baked goods department because I’ve spent the last two nights lighting the Naiad’s play (Mort) over at the Gregson. It was short notice but it was fun and I’ve waved at the Non-Poncy Goth who’s written Carabas’s next endeavor. At least they’re doing stuff, and it was fun.

In any case back to Valentines Day. I think what I really love about the Father Valentine thing is that it’s totally random, the gifts are essentially stocking-filler type to give an example of that gift giving time that we all know about. It takes things away from that enforced coupley-romance thing that leaves me with a slightly bad taste in my mouth…yeah I suspect that that’s my own bizarrenesses kicking in, and don’t get me wrong I did romance too, but I liked that there was other things. Got at least four people shouting ‘Thankyou Father Valentine’ and got home (eventually) to discover he had left me something of my very own too. Mangoes rule.

FJ grabbed me during my early morning cycle ride and the bastard left me to be a real girl all day at the office (will talk about the job in a bit), which was kind of interesting and left me bonding with the other girls talking about how romantic my ‘boyfriend’ was… yeah I’m not explaining they can think it was all down to the Jellicle. Oh course I’m not possessed of FJ-gift-fu so by this evening at LURPs I was chopping and pressing. This morning though my thoughts were essentially romanticky and of the Confused Highwayman who actually rang me at the weekend whilst I was in Edinburgh to thank me for getting him home about nine months ago. It wasn’t just me, FJ and Lady Byron were there too.

Anyway on to campus for dinner, the Jellicle Cat had intended to make me lunch but I didn’t like to wake him up too early (so he’s made it for me today), he bought me dinner instead and we ate sushi in Cartmel Coffee shop (Or whatever they’re calling it these days). I saved some wasabi for Mother-In-Law but she wasn’t around. We mooched in to the LURPs meeting feeling schnuggly (yes that ‘ch’ was entirely necessary) and then he took me to see the Vagina Monologues which I enjoyed HUGELY! I won’t go into exactly what I got him for Valentines, suffice it to say that it was when we got home and I tend to conflate romance and sex, also I bought silk rose petals.

Yeah, damn good day.

I also have a job, I’ve had it for a week now and no signs of losing it so far. It’s just data entry in Lancaster’s Southern Gate, but it’s a job like everyone else gets and it’s real and it pays me money and it’s simple although listening to my office mates talking is seriously amusing (you may get blog entries). I love it, I didn’t even apply for it, I’d had a week of feeling incapable and then this woman rang me out of the blue and gave me a job! It should last another three weeks too!

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